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Virtual Dance Party

Bringing music, dance, fun & celebration into homes during distancing

Just because we're distancing, it doesn't mean we can't dance! Zoom makes it possible for us to come together virtually to move, laugh and celebrate. Music and dance inspire us to express gratitude - toward ourselves, our colleagues, our family and friends. It's a celebration of life, work, relationships and the present moment. Dancing fosters connection and has mood-boosting benefits that last up to a week! 

Host a 30-minute Virtual Dance Party

  • Energetic and uplifting emceeing

  • Fun dance prompts

  • Song request link to engage participants

  • Spotlighting most vibrant dancers

  • Option to have your camera on or off while dancing

  • Easy-to-use Zoom platform

As Part of Your Next Event

  • Employee appreciation

  • Community gathering

  • Party with friends

  • Family get-together

  • Online fundraiser

  • Special occasion

DJ Uneety - Request a Quote

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