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  • Renée Michaud

New Home

I pull up to a place off a former highway

Among blue butterflies appears paradise

Single willow tree, endless greenery

Lakeside, wood fire, peace shanti peace

A space to appreciate

While I conjure up a business case

For creativity expressed

Thus blessing souls to rest

In freedom of speech

Move, dance, coloured release

I wonder if it’ll come with ease

Or hard heart work

As hardwood home

Outlived its mother

How did they cope

Alone at night

No separating

From evening wind

Single bed camping

Simplicity wanted

Wishes granted

How did I land

This land

With Nick, Gina & Lan

I followed my heart

Away from a dark brother

Now ex-lover

No guarantee he would heal


I can’t believe

I did this


No choice

Can’t pretend

I was myself

In the end

A shelter awaited she

Can’t yet feel

The light switch without seeing

Can’t count the steps until the...


Imagining what the eery sounds mean

A floor that creeks

A fan that squeaks

Guessing whose feet are talking

Othering the crumbs on the table

Unable to forgive as if family

Bubbles bursting

Mini at first

One day troubling


After forming, norming

I have faith

There will come a day

Of high performing

As a household

We must ask for more

Of what we need and peeve

Cannot ignore

The elephant in the broom closet

That needs sorting

I’ll tread for sure

From a distance


In my room

Figuring out who is who

Where they move

When they groom

We have work to do

To become

One family

Under this new roof

Uneety | July 29, 2020

#poetry #change #moving #Chelsea #roommates #freshstart #newbeginnings

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