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  • Renée Michaud

Friendly Florals

You’re the seedling who responds reservedly

Neglecting initiations of conversations

Because you may have to wait

To hear back

Holding a bouquet of insecurity in your lap

Yet I, the slightly more patient gardener

Was willing to wait

For you and your ivy wall to fall

For your past to catch up with you

And whisper

It’s time to Become

But somehow, I’m always rushing something to grow…

I was too friendly

Too open too showering

Making art and cards

Flowers and chocolates

Sweet G strings

And subtle demands


All I have left is feed

And the skin around my fingernails

As I swallow

This kick in the teeth

Its heartless motion

Reverberates these thorny words

I need a new you

One with less yard work

Less digging and holding

More being held and healed

No more perennial potentials

I need actualized ones

Live ones who know their Spirit

And less begrudgingly

Turn their poison into gold

I know you’ve been scalded sick

Left out to dry, over-pruned

But I cannot love you whole

Your fragrant song alone

Will lead you through the trellis labyrinth

of your forgottens

Do not trail or creep my friend

But be the vine that climbs

Out of the maze

Toward the natural gravity

Of our shared mysterious sunlight

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