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  • Renée Michaud

Come Alive

Open wide don’t fear the inside


There was a day when I believed

That what I could see was real

And feel? God no

Not the dirt beneath my sheets

I want to come clean

But without all the grief

Ya know?

Giving rising reliving loving striving

Bugging serving rubbing it’s got me wanting

Change in others

Brothers, strangers, lovers

Jumpers jokers

Wait what

You say I’m in a slumber?

It called my number

I wanna run but

It’s been too long her

Her head is numb and

She just wants fun

Without the dumb humdrum of boredom

I skin my lips just to ignore when

I feel uncertainty creeping in

Squeezing chest to chin

You want me to do what?

Learn to sing?

You must be joking

Can I just sleep in?

Cuz in my dreams

I can fly high free

It’s been a while

But as a child

I was light as vegan pie

So here’s the deal

I’ll try

One small step at a time

Show me a tribe for the inner fight

Fear is brimming failure’s high

Teach me why I cannot freeze

Come alive

Weak in the knees

Come alive

Oh help me please

Come alive

Come alive

- Uneety

June 27, 2020

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