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  • Renée Michaud

A Painted Melody for God

You want me to paint about God

I can’t cause I am fighting the song

No time to write thoughts of my own

I’d rather watch beauties in shows

Smelling cologne

Six packs and bones

I am too hot to be left all alone

Too hot to handle

Calling a man to

Show me Emmanuel

Godly and crowned

No time for yoga

No time for nature

No time for playing the songs of my soul

I have forgotten the ways of the old

Calling in Spirit to bring me back home

Bring me back home

Promise to go

where she flows

not stalling the gold

It’s getting hot

That’s how I knowmona roll spinning

some truth for a goal

Soon to be whole

God you are worth it

Practice makes perfect

I will pretend to be nice and a doll

Til you bite back anden

You’ll hear me howl

This pain is saintly

This work is a vow

- Uneety, Jan. 24, 2022

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