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Coaching put simply, is an eye-opening conversation.


It's not an average chat. It's a creative, strategic and compassionate discussion that propels creatives forward, past their blocks, uncertainties and overwhelm into consistent days of productivity, betterment and success (however you personally define success). 

Have a vision for a more creative life but want support choosing a direction and making progress? 


Coaching brings your untapped creative potential into plain sight and shows you what to focus on next, practically.

I want you to complete that project! I'm rooting for you to get that grant. I can see how you could increase the number of people you serve with your art!  Also, your feelings of well-being and work-life balance will be tended to during coaching.

Small Strokes

It's For You

I coach emerging, mid-career and established creatives & artists, arts practitioners and officers, cultural producers and leaders, makers, designers and creative entrepreneurs, working full-time or part-time in:​​​

  • architecture

  • craft arts

  • design

  • film

  • graphic arts

  • music

  • painting

  • performing

  • photography

  • poetry

  • sculpture

  • writing

Coaching Outcomes

Coaching Provides

  • Compassionate Undivided Attention

  • Support with Identifying & Solving Problems

  • Tools for Professional & Personal Growth

  • Eye-Opening Observations

  • Accountability Partner

Betterment & Growth

  • Discover Values & Strengths

  • Identify Passion & Direction

  • Increase Creativity

  • Set & Achieve Goals

  • Improved Well-being & Resilience

  • Organize Physical & Digital Spaces

Lifelong Skills

  • Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Strategic Decision-Making

  • Resourcefulness & Resilience

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Collaborative Communication


  • Inspired

  • Understood

  • 'Lighter'

  • Motivated

  • Excited

  • Confident

  • Joyful

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching approach is holistic in that it recognizes the interconnectedness between creative work and all aspects of our lives. Our capacity to complete quality creative projects is impacted by our relationships, beliefs, energy levels, collaboration skills, sense of purpose, finances and more. To increase and sustain creativity requires balancing these eight interconnected areas.

8 Interconnected Areas of Sustainable Cr


“Renée’s coaching style is abundantly generous. Each session, she meets you where you are with compassion, offering accountability and perspective. She holds space to reflect, and is a thinking partner for the future. She cares for the wellbeing of creatives as whole people; encouraging balance, wellness, and joy!” 

LAUREL / Artist & Producer

Renée is open and thoughtful, which made opening up to her so easy - honestly, I didn’t expect to share so much of my personal life, but I am so happy I did. Together we set meaningful goals by getting to the root of the task or issue at hand. She coaches me in setting attainable milestones for each goal and followed up with tools to help me out and keep me going between our sessions. 10/10 recommend ;)

ALLISON / Artist & Public Art Officer

Coaching Programs


3 Months

6 Coaching Sessions

(60-min. each)

$600 + HST


6 Months

12 Coaching Sessions

(60-min. each)

$1,100 + HST


8 Months

16 Coaching Sessions

(60-min. each)

$1,500 + HST

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