Our mission is to increase the creative output of individuals and teams so that they can fulfill their potential, achieve their goals and do meaningful work.


We passionately infuse creativity in all that we do:


We are committed to the betterment of our community. Our work supports social causes such as good mental health, poverty reduction, gender and racial equality and environmental sustainability.


Work & Wellness Coaching for Creatives

There is a deep need for others to experience what you create. Yet, the creative process and life outside the box are not always blissful. We’re sure to experience overwhelm, uncertainty and discouragement at times. We are here to remind you that clarity, confidence, and a plan to move forward, are possible. How? Through personalized coaching conversations. 



Renée M. Michaud


Renée is an Associate Coach Candidate with the International Coach Federation and a self-taught multidisciplinary artist (DJ, Poet & Community-engaged Artist ). Her holistic coaching approach recognizes that creative output is influenced by all areas of a person's life, be it professional or personal. Yes, creativity & productivity are impacted by how well we know ourselves and what is happening in our lives! Renée is approachable, compassionate, energetic and dedicated to supporting, and providing accountability to emerging and established creatives in the meaningful work that they do.

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